Basic Appointment

Within our service area, between 10AM and 4PM, the fee for an initial consult up to one hour with a veterinarian is $300. Each additional ½ hour is $50. Non-urgent calls must be made 24 hours in advance. Urgent or same day calls are an additional $75. We perform the most thorough evaluation an animal will allow without causing unnecessary stress. This includes a physical exam with blood pressure, nail trim, hygienic clip, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning if needed. If a patient is anxious, fearful, aggressive, or otherwise difficult to exam, we may recommend sedation in order to perform the examination and treatments.


Our service area includes anywhere in the city of San Francisco. Travel time is assessed outside San Francisco after crossing into Daly City to the south or once crossing a bridge exiting the city. Travel time is $100 per hour traveling to and from an appointment outside our service area. If you live outside our service area, scheduling to avoid daily traffic is highly recommended.

After Hours and Weekends

When available, we see clients in the evening or on weekends. An additional $100 fee is charged for appointments between 6PM and 10AM. On weekends, an additional $75 fee is charged.

An individualized management plan is formulated as part of an initial consult. An estimate for any recommended diagnostics, vaccines, parasite preventatives, medications, or other services will be provided during or after our evaluation.