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Health Certificates For Travel

We can provide health certificates permitted by our USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian for domestic travel (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Our office can also submit titer testing and other necessary lab tests sometimes required. Be aware that rules and regulations pertaining to animal transport intra-state change often and our office cannot be held responsible for incorrect certificates or forms you request from us. Similarly, the timing of tests and expiration dates on paperwork can be critical when traveling with an animal. It is highly recommended that you contact USDA-APHIS and the USDA-APHIS veterinarian at the airport if you plan to fly for the latest requirements. Due to the complexities of these health certificates we are only able to assist with health certificates for domestic travel (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). We also highly recommend that your pet travel in the cabin with you and never as cargo. It is our position that cargo pet travel can present serious dangers for your pet and it is not a mode of pet travel that we endorse.