Appointment Preparation

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Part of our mission is to prevent disease in our patients by taking the time to educate our clients on correct animal husbandry. When we begin a relationship with a patient, we take our time in fully understanding or patient’s and client’s needs and perform the most complete assessment possible. Then we will provide a detailed plan for continued care. This may include treatment or prevention of disease, addressing congenital problems, protection against parasites, recommendations on nutrition, or certification of health for travel.

When preparing for an initial exam, expect to spend about an hour with the veterinarian in order to collect a detailed history, perform a physical exam, and discuss a viable health care plan. Pets should be contained in a room or area where they cannot hide and prevent examination (a bathroom without heavy furniture is usually an ideal containment area). When you schedule an appointment, be sure to mention any challenges that may be encountered or behavioral issues that exist. Also, if previously known medical problems or prior records are available, be sure to provide them in advance so that we are best prepared.|

To get the most from your visit with the doctor, avoid distractions during the appointment. If possible, silence phones and minimize distractions. Try not to stimulate your pet unnecessarily prior to arrival. Dogs can be taken for a walk or play prior to the visit to help them be in a more relaxed state to receive visitors. A calm patient is easier to assess than one that is excited. If available, collect a fresh urine and feces sample for the doctor and keep cool until the examination. If lab work or sedation is needed, an animal may need food and water withheld. This is usually discussed at the time an appointment is being scheduled.